Ryan W. McMahon


Ultimately I am a product guy, but I have built a broad set of skills through my many career and industries changes and I use these experiences to guide me every day.

It all started when I decided I wanted to be able to run my own company. I caught the entrepreneurial bug while developing Sonicare. It was amazing building a company and product from nothing. That process made me want to learn all I could about marketing, sales, finance, research, and operations. In pursuit of that knowledge I have held product and manufacturing engineering positions, field sales for technical products, product marketing for EDA software and for medical devices, and product management roles for enterprise software, HPC, entertainment, and manufacturing industries. And with each new role, I continue to grow my inventory of skills, knowledge, and experience.

The common thread across my career has been my desire to understand customer challenges so I could help solve their problems. As an engineer, a salesperson, a marketer, or a product manager, the better you understand the customer the better chance you have of delivering something that solves their problems and creates value. From that customer empathy, it is considerably easier to identify solutions that address customer challenges in a meaningful and valuable way.

This site is intended to showcase many of the products and projects I have worked on, why they are cool and what I learned from my experience working on them.