SignaCert VerifyTM
FDCC Compliance Verification Report
Matched files: 3871
Added files: 1987
Modified files: 0
Removed files: 630
Run date:04-09-2008 10:00:46.568 am
This report is an assessment of how well this desktop matches the FDCC build specified in the policy section above. It reveals how many files were found that match the build, how many are removed or missing from this desktop, how many were modified and how many additional files are present. The verification process examines files found only in the c:\windows directory and only executable files (.bat, .cmd, .dll, .drv, .exe, .ocx, .scr, and .sys filetypes). No other directories or file types are examined. SignaCert Verify does not capture any proprietary or personally identifiable information.

More information can be found below:

These results can be viewed as comma separated values here.
The files below are required as part of the of the FDCC WindowsXP V1.0.1 reference, but could not be found on this device.
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The files below are not part of the FDCC Windows XP V1.0.1 reference, but are present on this device. SignaCert Verify has attempted to identify which product they belong which is displayed in the right hand column.
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The following table lists detailed product information for the deviations identified above.
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