My career has been built on the strength of my ability to understand customers’ needs, to identify product opportunities, and to deliver products that create value. I’ve successfully launched consumer electronics, entertainment products, collaboration and communications solutions, medical devices, and information technology products and services. The combination of my strong communication, product innovation, broad functional experience and leadership have helped me lead teams to complete many challenging projects and product releases.



  • Fusion Production – Machine shop production management tools
  • Product Design Suite– industry leading mechanical design software
  • Factory Design Suite– digital factory for manufacturing layout
  • Process Analysis 360– process modeling for manufacturing optimization
  • Factory Design Mobile– capture manufacturing projects in the field
  • Spectroscope– iPhone app using geolocation services for game play
  • Sonicare– electronic toothbrush that revolutionized dental hygiene
  • Supertracks– digital music store predating iTunes by 3 years
  • IMK– pre-paid music card/CD to promote digital music sales
  • SWARM– sensitive information incident and content distribution solution
  • DECO– collaboration tools for geographically dispersed design teams
  • ETS/GTR– IT control appliance/service used to ‘calibrate’ servers
  • MVX– accelerates applications with large datasets to deliver faster results


  • Identified and mapped customer needs to product value and required capabilities to create concise use cases, thorough marketing and product requirements, and manage feature and capability roadmaps.
  • Developed and maintained high-level and detailed project and program plans, requirements, dependencies, deliverables, risks, and resources to drive execution.
  • Measured capability and feature value through customer satisfaction, interview and observational methods resulting in gap analyses and roadmap inputs.
  • Influenced internal and external stakeholders and marshaled required resources to execute product definition, development, launch activities, demonstrations, and business development and sales support.
  • Maintained balance between engineering investment and customer acceptance for delivering new technologies in emerging markets to maximize sales opportunities.


  • Developed deep understanding of customers’ expressed and latent needs, represented the ‘voice of the customer’ to drive product and user experience enhancements.
  • Created prototypes and wire-frame UIs to prove product concepts, solicit early feedback to influence design, and communicate business value.
  • Conducted qualitative and quantitative field studies of target markets to assess the customer environment, current and future needs, and their associated value.
  • Executed beta programs with up to 100 users, gathering critical input to drive the product releases, identify features and capabilities, and manage comprehensive roadmaps.


  • Identified and pursued strategic partnerships with complementary technologies and proposed integration strategies to create unique business value.
  • Completed ecosystem analyses including target customers, partners, competitors, alternatives, and trends to develop robust go-to-market strategies and well differentiated product offerings increasing market share and revenue.
  • Developed highly effective product positioning, standardized market messaging based on user needs and product value and delivered key product marketing content and collateral.


  • Evangelized company and product vision to align teams, drive commitment to common goals and objectives, and empower better decision-making.
  • Built and led marketing, technical, research and manufacturing teams including, contractors, consultants, creative firms, and external vendors.
  • Provided broad project context, their strategic importance, and identify individual wins to staff motivating them to become personally vested.
  • Championed product and business value internally to focus efforts and externally to customers, partners, press and analysts creating market buzz and supporting sales.


  • Autodesk, Sr. Product Manager,  Mar 2012 – Present
  • Autodesk, Sr. Program Manager,  Mar 2011 – Mar 2012
  • Cpruce Labs, Founder, Jul 2010 – Mar 2011
  • RNA Networks (Acq. by Dell), Dir. Product Management, Jul 2008 – Jul 2010
  • SignaCert (Acq. by Harris), Dir. Product Management, Jan 2006 – Jul 2008
  • Swan Island Networks, Feb 2002 – Dec 2005
  • CTI, Dir. of Marketing, May 2001 – Mar 2002
  • Supertracks, Dir. Product Management, Mar 2000 – May 2001
  • Genedax, Product Marketing Manager, Jun 1998 – Jan 2000
  • Avnet Electronics, Account Manager, Aug 1995 – Sep 1997
  • Optiva (Acq. by Phillips), Electrical Engineer, 1991 – Aug 1995



  • University of Washington, Foster School of Business, MBA, Seattle, WA, 1999
  • Washington State University, BS Electrical Engineering, Pullman, WA, 1991


  • “Toothbrush with adaptive load sensor” #5,784,742
  • “Pacing Toothbrush” #5,544,382
  • “Emergency information management system” #7,337,146