Defining the Requirement Process at SignaCert

Product management generally has the same goals and objectives at every company but the specific processes will vary. At SignaCert I made the requirements process as visible as possible using a combination of Wiki, databases and open source tools. The Wiki was the main location where requirements were displayed, but I took the opportunity to define the overall requirements process. The following sections describe each of these tools in more detail.

Requirements Wiki

The requirements Wiki defined the specific product management and requirements processes for the rest of the team. This allowed them to better understand what product management is responsible for delivering and what it expects from other parts of the organization. The Wiki contained the following information:

  • Customer Scenarios – specific problems and issues faced by our customers and prospects that SignaCert could solve.
  • Features/Use Cases – reports rolled up the proposed features designed to solve the customer problems.
  • Roadmap – features and use cases supported grouped by release.
  • Process Definitions – each of the implemented processes documented for reference and to ensure a repeatable process.

Each of these major sections linked to more detailed pages displaying data from the Requirements database.

You can view an example of User Stories below.