Requirements Gathering

Frustrated with expensive and over complicated tools, I wrote a simple database application to capture features, use cases and scenarios and their various relationships. Simple reports allowed us to generate requirements documents and roadmaps allowing us to be flexible to meet the changing priorities of our customers.


Capturing product usage scenarios

Scenarios and use cases were used interchangeably at SignaCert. They allowed us to describe the problems the customer was trying to solve and how they would achieve that using SignaCert products. This allowed us to keep track of the different ways that customers wanted to use Enterprise Trust Server and the business value delivered.




Capturing and organizing features

Features are at the core of the product management and requirements process. This lightweight application allowed us to capture all the various features we identified, to prioritize them, to assign them to a specific release, and to allow the team to review the superset of items at any time. This fostered much more effective discussion about features and how they help solve customer problems.



Dynamically generated roadmap

This report displays what features are assigned to what release for all planned releases. This provided a high level view of what we were planning to deliver when so we could communicate with our customers and support sales efforts.