Today, innovation is more important than ever. Innovative products and services solve problems in unique ways, deliver value to customers and create demand. Over the course of my career I have delivered many groundbreaking products including consumer electronics, digital music solutions, team collaboration and communication tools, and entertainment products.

  • Patents – I have two patents issued for Sonicare and one for Swan Island Networks. I’ve have applied for three more and am working on an additional two.
  • Technical Aptitude – I have demonstrated an innate ability to assess and leverage technology that allows me to improve product architecture, accelerate development, simplify integration and identify potential partnerships.
  • Prototypes – By developing physical mock-ups, wire-framesand rapid prototypes I have helped prove product concepts, solicit early feedback to influence design, and communicate business value.
  • Communication – Its not enough to have a great product idea. You have to convince others of its value and uniqueness to build support and marshal resources to drive development and delivery.