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The following pieces have influenced my thoughts on product management and have taught me new methods, processes, and tools to make me more effective.

Steven Sinofsky on Building Your Product Team
Steven Sinofsky
Great description of key success factors from a highly successful career product manager
What makes someone a great product manager at Google? What are the necessary and ideal qualities to have?
Rob Ennals
What makes a great Product Manager at Google 
10x Not 10%; Product management by orders of magnitude
Ken Norton
What kinds of impacts are meaningful to identify, a great case study of Kodak (remember them?)
Let’s talk about Product Management
Josh Elman
Role of product management from the perspective of a VC and former PM
What’s a Senior Product Manager’s job?
Blair Reeves
I think Amy B originally found this one. But great perspective on the role of a Sr. PM and what gets you to that next level.
Are “Product Manager ” and “Product Owner” roles the same one or is there any difference between what they both do?
Pham Dinh Truong
Differences between PM and PO. 
Applying Leverage as a Product Manager
Brandon Chu 
Great POV on where PM work is most impactful.
6 Things Dev Teams Want Product Managers To Do
Matthew Cordasco
What development expects and also does not want from PMs
Behind Every Great Product
Marty Cagan
Importance of PM to product success and a few great case studies
Books for Product Managers; Essential product management reading`
Ken Norton
Great reading list.
4 D — Product Management Framework
Febryanto Chang
Good discussion of a product development process/framework
20 Product Prioritization Techniques
Folding Burritos
A list of the most common models for prioritization techniques and how / where to apply them.
How to Define Your Product Strategy
Gibson Biddle
A great 12 part series on the fundamentals of product management and lessons learned from an industry luminary.