United States Patent: 5544382, Giuliani, et al.

Pacing toothbrush
Issued: August 13, 1996
A vibrating toothbrush, which includes a handle member, an elongated arm which has a brush head at the distal end thereof, and a drive assembly for moving the brush head at a selected velocity. Responsive to an on/off switch on the toothbrush is an on/off variable, which enables a master clock to produce a drive signal, the on/off variable being reset by a 120-second timer. A quadtimer variable, when in the enabled state, is responsive to the on/off switch to produce an audible signal and a difference in brush velocity at 30-second intervals within the 120-second period.

Inventors: Giuliani; David (Mercer Island, WA), McMahon; Ryan W. (Seattle, WA), Engel; David (Seattle, WA)
Assignee: Optiva Corporation (Bellevue, WA)
Appl. No.: 08/306,132
Filed: September 14, 1994
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