United States Patent: 7337146, Heelan, et al.

Emergency information management system
Issued: February 26, 2008
A wide-area emergency information management system includes a broadcasting entity (10) and delivers content to authorized receiver clients (20), such as PC’s, laptops, wireless devices, etc. The specific content (26), which can include voice, text, video or any other information content related to a planned response to a given crisis or emergency such as enemy attack or natural disaster, is prepared in advance (28), tailored to the class of recipient receiver client and/or user (44), securely downloaded (32,36) and stored locally in a secure cache (21). In response to a small control file from a centralized emergency management authority, the receiver client system accesses the cache (21), decrypts the content (26), and delivers it to the end-user.

Inventors: Heelan; Jake (Portland, OR), Jennings; Charles (Portland, OR), O’Dell; Pete (Portland, OR), McMahon; Ryan (Portland, OR), Roholt; Grant (Portland, OR)
Assignee: Swan Island Networks, Inc. (Portland, OR)
Appl. No.: 10/382,125
Filed: March 4, 2003
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