Internet Music Kit – Interactive Music CD

In order to promote digital music business I created a multimedia music CD that could be purchased at in store kiosks. The customer purchased credits to be used to buy digital music, but also received promotional content from a specific artist. Promotional content could be related to an artist and include music, videos, photos and more. The IMK was also branded for a specific retailer that drove traffic to their online stores.

View an example IMK for HMV here.


Supertracks launched Bridgeport, a streaming solution for digital music that provided CD quality user experience while dramatically lowering providers bandwidth costs typical of the period. The solution provided users a legal option for getting high quality music over the internet.

“Pop-up” Radio

Pop up radio used the closed captioning and other rich media to allow DJs to insert commentary about a currently playing song. Album art, DJ comments, pictures, and advertisements could all be displayed with the song. These items could be simply defined and delivered with the content so it did not require ‘live’ entry.

View an example Pop-up Radio here.